On Roger Hamilton’s September ‘Fast Forward your Business’ Tour, XL Nation members will be attending and connecting in an environment focused at the future. The XL 2020 Vision of World Wide Wealth is based on how we, as entrepreneurs, can meet the grand challenges of humanity.

The tour, visiting Japan, UK and South Africa, will be looking at how far entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs have come within the first decade of this new millennium, and what we can expect over the next decade.

Roger Hamilton will be covering the Top 10 Trends that will impact our businesses over the next year, and what we can do to harness the changes heading our way to gain a competitive advantage  - not over our competitors but over our own vision of ourselves.

“An incoming storm doesn’t prevent a mountaineer from climbing, but does impact on when they climb and what route they take. For many entrepreneurs who are head down running their business, they have little idea what storms are approaching, let alone in which direction. This tour is an opportunity to check the weather, and plan a path that isn’t going to be cut short.” – Roger James Hamilton