Roger James Hamilton speculates on what comes next for our global community. “It wasn’t long ago that we really weren’t that connected. The wireless internet and mobile phones have made us connected at any place, any time, and social networks are allowing us to connect everyone around the world through meaningful connections of people we know, and the people who know them. It’s like all the threads are self-assembling into one tapestry. What happens then?”

Roger Hamilton has a theory: “If we see all the major challenges in the world occur because of friction between where there’s a problem and where there’s a solution, these challenges will be solved with Web 3.0 – When the main apps are the ones that connect problems to solutions. Need a loan at 15% interest? Just press the button. Interested in earning 15% on your money? Just press the button. Need the best method to solar panel your house? Just press the button. Need the best way to dig a well? Just press the button. Need an instant view of where there’s a gap in a market for a new product? The missing link that is coming is artificial intelligence, which will analyse all the connections and deliver the one that meets your need.”

For members of XL Nation, you can catch Roger James Hamilton on his upcoming Fast Forward your Business tour, where he will present the Top 10 Trends that will transform your business in the near future.