Why Serviced Apartments Are Better than Hotels

Posted on Dec 28 2015 - 7:13am

Apartments in FremantleApartments in FremantleServiced apartments are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to hotels. Ideal for short and long stays, a serviced apartment is a fully furnished flat that offers the same privacy and comforts of a home. People who travel for business and pleasure are beginning to rely on serviced apartments because of their convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Traditional hotels may provide quality accommodation but serviced apartments still have their own advantages that draw more people into booking. Here are five reasons why serviced apartments are better than hotels.

There is more space. A serviced apartment is bigger and more spacious than a hotel room. It usually consists of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining area, which provide guests with more space to function and relax. Since regular hotel rooms do not have any division, their space is much smaller than a serviced apartment.

The amenities are better. Other than the separate living and dining area, serviced apartments provide extra amenities compared to hotels. A number of luxury accommodations in Fremantle usually offer more than the necessities, which guests can use with no cost. Kitchens are equipped with appliances, cookware, and cutlery, while living rooms have entertainment facilities like CD players and speakers.

The cost is cheaper. Serviced apartments usually cost cheaper than an average hotel room. Guests who book longer stays get bigger discounts compared to a hotel that charges guests per night/person. Apart from this, serviced apartments can house larger groups of people, which divide the cost of accommodation. The laundry and kitchen facilities of a serviced apartment also save guests more money, by letting them do chores on their own.

There is less disturbance. Compared to hotels, serviced apartments accommodate fewer people, which mean more privacy and less noise. The housekeeping is also less frequent, unlike hotels that run room maintenance twice to thrice a day. This does not mean that serviced apartments are inefficient; it only means that they let you enjoy your stay with zero disturbances.

The Location is Great. Most serviced apartments are located in city centres with great neighbourhoods and views. Unlike hotels on crowded highways and streets, serviced apartments provide the best location that lets business and pleasure meet. This means that you’re always close to the top attractions, and places of interest.

Hotels are good to stay in, but serviced apartments provide more convenience and value for money. Whether you are travelling alone or going with a group, consider booking a flat that will give you flexibility, and a memorable stay.