XL Nation’s XL2020 Vision is  intimately related to the promises made in the United Nations Millennium Goals. As Roger Hamilton said at the time when these promises were made “The 189 countries of the UN signed up to 8 millennium goals in 2008, from education for all to reversing environmental degradation. Every one of the signatories are no longer in power, yet the promises continue. Who keeps them now?”

Roger Hamilton’s view is that it is the change makers in the world who have the greatest opportunity to see through the promises within the millennium goals. Many of them are currently active doing exactly that. We are now moving almost half way between the making of the promises (2000) and the target for the goals to be achieved (2025).

“We are moving into the decade of transformation, where most of the results will occur. For example, in Asia the forests have seen a net gain in forest cover – mainly due to China’s reforestation programme. This will see even greater acceleration in the positive changes. – Roger James Hamilton