mmaherThe main difference I see between the old model and XL Nation is that any member can step up and do anything they like. There is no hierarchy with various levels of management saying who can do what. That means that if you are active in XL Nation you soon attract people who want to work with you - on business or investment opportunities, charities, mentoring, whatever. I was lucky in Melbourne that we had a Circle operating, so when I went to India last month I called a meeting of the XL guys there and we set up a new circle. I didn’t have to ask for permission - the interested people stepped up and we just did it. Easy. Now not only is the Melbourne Circle supporting the new Bangalore Circle but there are a number of opportunities flying back and forth between the two countries.

Michael Maher

libbybutler1Well, Well, Well!

The first ever Brisbane Circle meeting took place on the 15 June 2009. WWWow!! What an event!! The evening was a rich combination of nervousness, conviction, inspiration and emotion. Like any good event there were laughter, tears, passionate debate, thought provoking comments and inspiring stories.

I love that we have “Lord” Charles Buffett at the helm, with an awesome leadership team backing him up. It meant that the meeting was well organised, focused, productive and absolutely eXtraordinary!! Love it, love it, love it!!

Thank you to everyone who “Showed Up” on the night, and an extra special thank you to those who have “Stepped Up” into leadership roles, creating a perfect environment for “Giving Back” on a scale much bigger than was previously possible. I am just so blown away by what I see possible for us in this new, improved XL Garden that we are creating… right here in our very own backyard! We invite you to come and play with us. The more the merrier!

Libby Butler (one very excited XL Founding Member)
Brisbane - Australia

m_shahaniIt felt good to receive the XL update and see the enormous potential XL has of transforming the world. I have come across so many positive souls in XL, all wanting to chip in and do their bit for our planet. If you go through the SAGE website, you can see that most of what SAGE has achieved is through a combined effort of all the friends I have made in XL. The genesis of SAGE Foundation was Roger’s words ” Do not limit yourself by the illusion of limited resources”……….and so I learnt to fly !!!

Maya Shahani

yvonnejune0902Stepping up and getting involved in three Circle Groups has been a great experience for me.  Why?  For me, XL is about world wide wealth, making a difference, changing the world – this is why I joined 18 months ago.  I wanted to be part of something that is changing the world and that’s what we’re doing, little by little, bit by bit, person by person.  You don’t need to have a huge audience, be in the newspapers, have lots of money.  You can do it right here within the XL community, through joining a Circle Group, taking a leadership position, or just showing up and making something happen.  And other people notice too.  Circle Groups are for sharing, learning and giving and that certainly resonates with me.

Yvonne Halling
United Kingdom

bronwynsphotoImagine being enveloped in a circle of trust.  Imagine a community of people committed to the success of those around them.  Imagine gaining understanding & clarity.  Imagined walking out inspired.

That’s what the first Brisbane Circle Meeting was for me.  I was encouraged to learn about the future direction of  XL Foundation & this community.  It was exciting to be introduced  to the new, enthusiastic  leadership team for Brisbane city.  There was a real sense of collaboration, connection & gratitude, which flowed been us all.  I walked away from this time for sharing inspired, re-engerised and looking forward to contributing to others.

Bronwyn Olsson
Brisbane - Australia

rusticalambI was a life member for about 2 years. In that time I took advantage of going to EBS, WD Master Practitioner for Property Investors NZ, and then EBS crewing. Each time I went to a course I learnt more about myself, and my strengths and what I should do and not do. As a Supporter profile the best thing for me was connecting with people from all over the world, and being part of a group of people on the same wave length. From my understanding of it, I based my who business model on it; connecting property people.

Unfortunately the credit crunch saw soaring interest rates, a falling exchange rate and a subsequent outpouring of personal cash flow just to hold on to the properties we had. This along with participating in the fantastic Cash flow Boardroom Club  meant reevaluating all expenses, getting a job and ultimately canceling my life membership payments.

I was over the moon, when I heard about the new membership structure. I think I checked twitter and facebook almost everyday, to find out when I could rejoin. As soon I could I joined.

The reason I rejoined was to reconnect with friends from all over the world, and because I know I have so much more to learn. I feel that I have only scratched the surface of my potential, that I don’t want to leave this world without creating something that will be enduring for the good of our children, environment, animals and people in the future. I still need find a way to tap into the power of who I can become, and I know the people and learning in XL will help me find that. To be a sparkle, not just a spark, in time.

Rustica Lamb
New Zealand


I attended a circle meeting of XL North West held in Manchester which I thoroughly enjoyed and I must say that the format of the meeting was great … I only wish it could have lasted longer.  We had an opportunity to get to know each other at a deeper level and we committed to taking actions which would move our lives and businesses forward.   I also joined the stepUP UK Circle meeting which was brilliant.  Before the meeting, I had doubts as to how effective it would be, having experienced  a  face to face meeting, and I was pleasantly delighted at how the session went.  We all got real value out of the meeting, especially with our guest speaker slot by Alistair Lobo, and the opportunity knocks which led to a great discussion around the use of social media and has subsequently led to a fantastic opportunity for us to raise money for stepUP.

Being involved in a circle group helps with getting focus and I’m looking forward to our next meetings.

Debra G Brown
United Kingdom

sarahkHi Everyone!
It was great to meet lots of new people at the May circle meeting! Being new to XL, it has really given me confidence to start stepping up and participating as it is such a supportive and friendly network!

Sara Kinnersly
I love the Melbourne Circle!

aliceairdHi Everyone, Just wanted to share a bit of my very positive experience of the April and May Melbourne circle meetings.. I’ve found the format of these gatherings very warm, welcoming and conducive to meeting people and connecting up with people to support each others projects. And good fun!

Sitting in a circle and the new format has made an amazing difference to the level of connection! Also the activities have been good. I loved the fruit salad networking, the questions stuck and I’m still pondering them! ( How do you earn your crust? What floats your boat? What do you need?) I learnt a lot quickly about people I’ve known for months and I found myself naturally doing that XL thing we are encouraged to do - spontaneously offering help to members of the ‘Watermelon’ group. Good stuff!

After the April Circle I felt inspired to bring a new friend along in May (a fellow empathic parenting enthusiast) because I felt proud of our Circle and very confident that with this new format she would connect with people - and she did. In fact a new group formed as a result - four of us, who are passionate about empathic parenting and caring for children from the heart, are getting together to share and support each other - maybe a new Circle will grow? Anyone else who share this passion please get in touch.

There’s so much for us to give and receive from the members of our circle. The possibilities are endless and I feel we’re just embarking on exploring them.

I’m looking forward to being part of the evolution of the Melbourne Circle as a powerhouse for World Wide Wealth.

Alice Aird

hattiehasanWe are used to going to networking events where we are there to make connections. As a Mechanic I have always found these events challenging and have actively avoided them. Joining XL in 2006 opened my eyes to a new type of community. One that cheers you on when you tell them you want to change the world (not run away from you as if you’re a mad person).
So already I found a group of people I wanted to be around and make connections with. Since 2006 I have made many connections with people all over the world and some of those have resulted in great things like the Extraordinary Ball that raised $50K for The Hunger Project at the end of 2007, and even now with my connections in India working on  a new  streaming technology .
Now with a new XL Nation I can see those connections getting even deeper. At our first Circle meeting for the North West Circle last month, I saw the whole group begin to feel those connections as we began to delve deeper into each of our businesses, and most importantly our contributions not only to each other but to the wider circles to which we belong. The difference between having a network thrust upon you and actively creating one is very clear.

I’m not saying I’ll become an avid networker, but I do know that I will be showing up in this community.

Hattie Hasan
United Kingdom