Privacy Policy

XL Nation strives to offer a worthwhile experience while browsing our website. We aim to provide a communal and personalized experience that helps our visitors understand and enjoy the information we upload online. We earn our visitors’ confidence by supporting the use of fair information.

Our privacy policy covers the entire site. We want to show our commitment to keeping your privacy, we have posted our information policies and had them reviewed to make sure that the privacy rights of our readers are not violated.

Personal Information

We may gather personal information from you, with your consent. The information collected is confidential and is used to confer news and latest posts, for processing requests, or for replying to feedback regarding our site.

There are functions or requests on the site that may require you to provide personal information. XL Nation may use it to provide news, features, updates, or connect with you. This is practiced to help answer or resolve issues and questions, or get comments about your browsing experience.

Related Information

XL Nation may also collate information, such as IP address, browser activity, domain, browser used, and time of access. The information collected does not establish your identity. We will use the information to enhance user experience, determine and analyse trends, improve our website, and to measure website traffic.


We keep the privacy of our readers strictly confidential. We do not use web cookies to track the browsing activities of our readers.

External Links

External links are included to improve user experience and provide supplementary information. We do not take responsibility for external links’ activities, practices, and policies about cookies and gathering of reader information.