XL National Day and XL Nation Incorporation Update

XL National day was fantastic. For those of us that were physically there it was great experience to come to together with such a wonderful group of like minded people. The stories shared by the members from around the world were truly inspirational. What I loved about it was that these were ordinary people achieving extraordinary results because of their commitment and dedication to their causes. I learnt a lot and took it as a personal challenge to expand my view of what is possible for the projects I'm currently working on.

Extra special news, the morning after XL National Day we received word that XL Nation had been incorporated on XL National Day 31st March 2010. This was so exciting that it had happened on XL Nation Day. We are now able to move forward with completing the agreement betwen XL Nation and XL Results Foundation and to put in place the necessary administration systems to support us moving forward.

The Directors Choice Awards were also announced during the XL Nation evening celebrations. We take great pleasure in announcing the two outstanding individuals chosen from a large number of very worthy recipients. The first award was the "Directors Choice Award for Leadership" went to Michelle Clarke from the UK and the "Directors Choice award for Contribution was awarded to Jeanette Jiffkins of Australia. At this time we would also like to acknowledge the wonderful contributions of all of you that have put your time, energy and love into helping bring XL Nation to this place in it's history.

Katrina McGilchirst - XL Nation Director

XL National Day (31st March) Feedback

It was a truly amazing day as experienced by those who were sharing their extraordinary stories from around the world, listening in or participating live in Bali. Rustica is currently downloading some more of the footage which will be uploaded on to our youtube channel in the next week. Meanwhile, you can see Michelle Clarkeís intro to the day on video, Bea Benkovas story of stepping up and Rogers video highlights from Bali by clicking here

Roger also captured the day with some photos and a blog which mentions all the speakers and has links to what they are doing and how you can follow them.

Rustica interviewed some of the people who were present at National Day as well and here are some short and inspiring stories to share

Marcia Martin

Anne Marie

Katrina McGilchrist

XL Nation Values Survey

Are you a Player or a Spectator in the XL Nation?

As much as you canít expect to make a difference in a game of football from the stands, neither can you influence the course of our XL Nation just by looking.

Be a player and actively shape our young XL Nation community. Your feedback and views will be reviewed and used as we shape the course of XL Nation over the next 12 months so it is important that you take part in the survey

The XL Nation Values Survey has now been extended to 26 April, ensuring many more members can participate. Many Citizens have already cast their views. The Values Survey allows for your views and values to be taken into account in how XL Nation will be designed to operate. A unique chance to have your voice heard. Itís straightforward and takes only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Here is what to do:

Step 1 - CLICK ON THIS LINK or paste http://survey.valuescentre.com/xanobia into your browser

Step 2 Ė LOG IN using USER NAME: xlnation and PASSWORD: values

Once logged in, youíll be directed to into the survey and have 3 simple sections to complete. Once finished you will see a screen telling you your responses have been successfully entered and thanking you for taking part.

Start your survey NOW by clicking HERE (to log in use the USER NAME: xlnation and PASSWORD: values)

Any questions?

Please connect Bea Benkova who is leading this project via XL world at a dedicated group , or email her on xlnation@acewoman.com


XL Member Weekly Update is also available at www.xlnation.org/updates