Charles Buffets XL Nation Systems update

A quick update on where we are at with the systems for XL Nation. Mary Turss has done an excellent job of putting together the first draft of the business requirements we have gathered. The next step is to review that with the Leadership team and then assess the various systems against these requirements.

There is an opportunity for you to contribute to the systems requirements by having your say on this discussion in XL World.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been using the new Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro system to hold our Forum & Power webinars. We have had a few teething problems “learnings” but each time we complete a learning cycle we are all the better for it. We are looking at the possibility of you being able to use the system for your Circle meetings to bring speakers from around the globe, if you are a Circle based on place, or you could use it to host your Circle meetings if you are a virtual Circle. Stay tuned right here for updates on that.

I am also working with the XL Results Foundation team on the handover of the existing systems to XL Nation. Our focus this week has been on putting the final touches on the CRM system to ensure the workflows that have been set up are integrated into the necessary XL Nation systems. This will allow Andrea (our new XL Nation admin support) to serve you better. Our current licenses expire in Mar 2011 so we have time to get our new constituent management system in place before then.

We are also working through the logistics of distributing the Wealth Spectrum test and Wealth Dynamics Power Pack to members with the XLRF team. Being a very recent additional to the Wealth Dynamics stable, the Spectrum test still has a few features under development that need to be finalised before we can get this out. The current indication is that this is may still be another month away. The Wealth Dynamics Power Pack is about 4GB of data to distribute and presents some new challenges on how to get this out to over 3,000 members. When you do the math, it could be quite easy to melt a couple of web servers and internet links if not done properly. Rest assured that we have the right people asking the right questions on the job for both of these projects.

These are just a few of the projects that are happening behind the scenes and under the hood in XL Nation. There is still so much to do with a small number of people who have stepped up to ensure they get done for all of us and it does get a bit overwhelming at times. The result of this is that it takes longer to get in place the things we need to fulfil on the promise of XL Nation. XL Nation is not about some of us doing all of it. It is about all of us doing our bit because together we can achieve so much more. If you have some available bandwidth (and I certainly appreciate how busy your life is) it would be great to have you join one of the teams. Please connect with myself, Michelle, Katrina, Gabriel or Andrea to see where you can make a difference today.

Until next month- Be extraordinary. Do extraordinary things. Have an extraordinary life.

Charles Buffet
Director XL Nation