Charles Buffets XL Nation Systems update

A quick note to let you know where things are at since my last update.

I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that 3 members have stepped up & offered to contribute to the XL Nation Systems project. Please join me in expressing my heartfelt gratitude to;

Mary Turss – Creator profile based in Melbourne, Australia. A wealth of experience in implementing IT projects for large enterprises.
Sarah Disborough – Creator profile based in UK. A wealth of experience in software engineering.
Martin Cooney – Supporter profile based in Brisbane, Australia. A wealth of experience in managing IT teams and implementing Drupal.

These people join myself and Josefine Sprenger (Mechanic profile based in Brisbane with a wealth of experience in implementing web systems) to form the XL Nation Systems team. It would be great to have the Tempo profiles represented on the team so as we can get your perspective on what is going to serve you best. Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of the team. IT systems implementation experience not necessary.

Mary and Sarah’s experience will be used primarily in a governance role to ensure the business requirements have a gathered, documented, understood and delivered. Martin’s experience and knowledge of Drupal will be absolutely valuable to ensure the system is implemented to deliver the business requirements. Josefine has done a fantastic job of implementing the graphical design of the pilot site and migrating the content on the existing over. My role will be implementing the CiviCRM contact management system and migrating the membership database from the existing system to the new CiviCRM system within Drupal.

The focus over the next week will be to gather, document and understand the business requirements. We will then confirm that Drupal & CiviCRM are the correct systems to deliver on the requirements and move forward from there.

At the moment the high level tasks look like;
    1. Gather business requirements
    2. Determine technology strategy
    3. Create a project plan
    4. Implement the systems
    5. Make the systems available for users
    6. Optimise and support the systems

As we move into the project planning phase there will be a greater amount of detail added to this.

In my last update I mentioned that Ning (which is the platform XL World sits on) has announced they will end their free service and start a fee for service model. They released their plans for the future on 5th May. After reviewing them it doesn’t appear there will be a significant impact to XL World at this stage and there is no immediate rush for us to move off this platform. It would appear that their USD$20/month service will provide the same functionality we currently have and allow us the “buy” any necessary time to ensure we are making the best possible choices about the systems we need. Of course we want to move to the new system as soon as possible so we will find that balance.

Stay tuned here weekly for further updates.