XL Nation

Founded in 2002 as XL Results Foundation, members of the XL Community declared themselves an interdependent nation, XL Nation, on 31st March, 2009.  From 1st April 2009, Social Entrepreneurs from around the world are welcome to apply for Citizenship to XL Nation either by invitation or independently.

Thank you for your interest in applying for Citizenship with XL Nation.

If you are applying independently and as yet don’t have a Buddy to invite you to join, we would be delighted to help find one, who will invite you to join their circle directly and give you access to all of XL Nation. Please complete the Application form in as much detail as possible,so that we can match you to the most appropriate circle and buddy. You will be contacted in due course by a Circle Leader whose Circle Group relates to your areas of interest, to discuss your Citizenship application

Please note:
XL Nation is a community of like-minded, social entrepreneurs working together with integrity and purpose towards realising World Wide Wealth. XL Nation Citizens are entitled to invite and accept those individuals who they believe would both benefit from and add value to XL Nation.

If you think this is for you JOIN TODAY for only $SGD360 per annum.