Reputation Management: 3 Ways to Effectively Manage Negative Online Reviews

Posted on Jan 20 2016 - 1:52am
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Online Business in UtahOnline Business in UtahIn business, the Internet is either boon or bane. It’s an obvious benefit when it comes to marketing your venture and establishing a solid reputation (especially in a cutthroat market). On the other hand, it’s a hazard in terms of how negative reviews can tear brand to pieces.

If you have not paid enough attention to the real power of negative publicity over the Internet, then you must do something now before one unfair, destructive criticism ruins the brand you worked built for many years in just a snap of a finger. Here’s how you can manage undesirable remarks attacking your business:

Address Them Immediately

Any experienced agency specializing in reputation management in Utah, California, or anywhere in America knows that responding quickly to the negative review is the key to repair the damage before it worsens. If you show the author of that review that you’re willing to discuss the matter and make up for what happen, there’s a good chance the review would be edited or removed.

Addendum: It’s better not to deal with the problem in public. Reaching the author through email or phone is more advised.

Outnumber Them with Positive Ones

As bad comments are almost unavoidable, one sure-fire way to beat them is to have more good reviews. According to Ruby Newell-Legner, a famed customer satisfaction expert, “it takes about 12 positive experiences to make up for one negative experience.” While this generally applies to a single person, you can apply the same principle overpower the effect of one negative with a dozen of positives.

Take Each One Seriously

Even it’s fairly easy to write untrue negative reviews for the sake for bad-mouthing a business, it’s still necessary to monitor your reputation online and deal with each bad comment. Sometimes, reviews sites would be willing to take down defamatory reviews if you request for it. Make sure that you claim your business listing to make such requests.

The Internet is a powerful vehicle to build your image, or crush your reputation down. Remember, consumers are both your best and worst advertisers; so put customer service at the center of your business.