XL Results Foundation was founded in 2001 by Roger Hamilton and Dave Rogers in Singapore to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship and effective giving in Asia Pacific. “XL” stands for “Extraordinary Lives” – a life in which we maximise our power to create and our power to contribute. In 2005, XL published “XL 2020 Vision”, which outlines its vision of World Wide Wealth

XL 2020 Vision is to reach a Billion Dollar Challenge target by 2020, when it will have 25,000 companies participating in the XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme (SEA), donating $100 million from $1 billion in profits each year to nominated causes.

The XL Results Foundation becamea leading entrepreneur and social entrepreneur network, with entrepreneurs globally and operations in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Dubai, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Thailand, UK and the USA. The Results Foundation runs coaching accreditation, monthly networking events and a global membership program for entrepreneurs in each country, and has a rapid global expansion plan. It also manages the XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Programme towards World Wide Wealth, with a calendar of over 2000 events for 2008.
On the 31st of March XL Results Foundation transformed into XLNation. In order to bring us from thousands to millions to achieve our vision of World Wide Wealth.

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